DIY | Tights into a Crop Top

I came across this super easy DIY years ago and I'm obsessed with it. It literally takes two minutes and all you need is a pair of scissors and a pair of tights, I just used some grey ones from Primark which where £3 but the great thing about this DIY is you can use any pair, you can have sheer, thick woollen ones, patterned tights.. Any thing you fancy & think would look nice as a crop top.
Turning the tights into a Crop Top:
1. Cut the feet off, This will create your sleeves. Don't worry if it isn't too neat, you cant really notice once on.
2. To make the neckline all you need to do is cut a V shape in between the legs, the bigger you make the V the more the neckline will scoop. Its best to cut it small and make it larger if needed.
And there you go.. You have turned a pair of old tights in to a crop top.
I am super happy with my most recent grey top, It almost looks exactly like a top I brought from New Look for £17.99.
What do you guys think to this DIY, Do you love it as much as I do?
Plus let me know if you would like me to style my DIY crop tops in up and coming outfit posts?
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