Images taken myself | March 2015

Sunday in Paris, our second and last day to explore this beautiful city. Today we headed to Versaille to look around the Palace of versaille. Beautiful palace but it was just extremely busy, it ruined it for me as I don't really like being in the middle of big crowds, it honestly felt like we where cattle being herded. You could barely catch all the amazing decor as you where constantly being pushed out the way. It was quite literally a breath of fresh air once we stepped in to the gardens, although you couldn't quite get the full effect as the flowers have yet to bloom and the statues where all covered to protect them from the gross weather but it was still a whole lot nicer than being inside. 
We spent a lot of the morning and mid-day looking around Versaille, there was a food market being held in the town but unfortunately we missed it as it finished at half past one, I have heard good things about the French food markets, so maybe next time.
We left Versaille to go visit the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre a roman catholic church, the architecture is beautiful inside and out. As we missed climbing the Eiffel Tower, we decided to climb the not so easy 300 stairs to the dome which gave us stunning 360 views of Paris, you could also see the Eiffel Tower in the distance, definitely worth the breath taking climb. Little did I know the Moulin Rouge was just down the road, I did however managed to get a picture from inside the car as we drove past.
We didn't get a chance to visit as many places as we did on Saturday, as it took a long time to get to and from Versaille, but still I have had an amazing time in Paris and I am looking forward to returning one day.
I had heard a lot of negative things before I had visited Paris, such things like its dirty, the people are rude, etc, but I don't think so, I mean I think London is far more 'dirty' than Paris and I didn't find the people rude, well apart from the scammers and the fact you have to keep an eye on your belongings due to pickpockets, does slightly let Paris down a bit but as long as your smart with your belongings and just ignore the scammers, all is ok.

PS I want to apologise if I have spelt or named any of the places incorrectly, I did learn French for a total of three years at school, however I can only just count to ten and say 'my name is.' 
Plus I can hardly spell English words correctly let alone French words, So yeah I'm sorry, I tried.

Have any of you been to Paris, if so what was your favourite place to visit?


              Images taken by myself | March 2015

I don't have a favourite movie, a favourite colour or a favourite song. Due to my incredibly indecisive personality I find it impossible to choose just one but travelling, travelling is with out a doubt my favourite thing to do and the weekend before last I found myself in Paris. 

I'm not at all fond of busy cities, as much as I would love to live in the hustle and bustle of London, I just can't cope well with lots and lots of people. However saying this although Paris is crazy busy I didn't mind, the people rushing past, a thousand tourists trying to capture that perfect picture, those insane roundabouts. Somehow in amongst all of this I felt peaceful and content, it didn't matter what was going on around me, I was happy looking up and taking in all the beautiful buildings and surroundings.

The first places we visited where the Arc de Triomphe and the Place de la Concorde, is was a really foggy morning and a very chilly one as well, so we didn't spend long at either place. To warm up we decided to take an hour cruise down the Seine, the cruise went past a lot of tourist points and gave an amazing view of the Notre Dame, and also of the Eiffel Tower.
The cruise dropped us not far from the Eiffel Tower, so we headed over to get close up views, after debating whether to go up the Eiffel Tower and deciding against it as the queue was incredibly long, we opted to just grab a bite to eat and sit in the park for a moment, big mistake as we where just bombarded by scammers, and men selling dodgy Effiel Tower key rings, it got to the point where we had to pretend we weren't English and couldn't understand the language.
The last place we visited on the Saturday was the Notre Dame and the lock bridge, not sure if that's the official name but its the famous bridge with all the padlocks.
The whole time I was walking around Notre Dame I was trying not to sing the songs from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, classic Disney movie.

OOTN | Monochrome Cheetah

New Look jacket | Supre cami | Factorie shorts | Primark heels

I often showcase my outfit of the day with you guys, so I thought why not chuck in an outfit of the night. I brought back the shorts and cami from Australia and I'm so glad I did, I wasn't too sure about the shorts at first, mainly because I live in trousers / jeans and thought I wouldn't get much wear from them, oh I was wrong. They where perfect for the festival I went to over new years and they are perfect for this evening look.
I still can't quite believe these heels are from Primark, they are my go to heel. I pretty much nearly always style my outfits around these shoes, so I have an excuse to wear them over and over again! 
This jacket is quite an old purchase, don't you just love coming across hidden treasures, this jacket was at the back of my wardrobe and I honestly completely forgotten all about it, I love the colour and the slouchy but yet still fitted look, however that works?!

Have you guys come across any hidden treasures in your wardrobes lately?

Recently Purchased

River Island grey mesh tee | Peacocks fedora & New Look black ribbed tee | River Island crop top | Missguided jacket & Topshop striped crop top | Australian Market white crop top

I'm going to be the first to admit I'm just too lazy to try on things in the shop, I probably should start doing so, so many times I have brought an item, tried it on at home and completely changed my mind. Somethings just look better on the hanger.

As I was trying on some recent purchases, I had the idea to take photos of each item, cameras never lie or so they say, and then I thought why not include them in a blog post as a sort of mini haul or a sneak peek to upcoming outfit posts.  
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