Images taken myself | March 2015

Sunday in Paris, our second and last day to explore this beautiful city. Today we headed to Versaille to look around the Palace of versaille. Beautiful palace but it was just extremely busy, it ruined it for me as I don't really like being in the middle of big crowds, it honestly felt like we where cattle being herded. You could barely catch all the amazing decor as you where constantly being pushed out the way. It was quite literally a breath of fresh air once we stepped in to the gardens, although you couldn't quite get the full effect as the flowers have yet to bloom and the statues where all covered to protect them from the gross weather but it was still a whole lot nicer than being inside. 
We spent a lot of the morning and mid-day looking around Versaille, there was a food market being held in the town but unfortunately we missed it as it finished at half past one, I have heard good things about the French food markets, so maybe next time.
We left Versaille to go visit the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre a roman catholic church, the architecture is beautiful inside and out. As we missed climbing the Eiffel Tower, we decided to climb the not so easy 300 stairs to the dome which gave us stunning 360 views of Paris, you could also see the Eiffel Tower in the distance, definitely worth the breath taking climb. Little did I know the Moulin Rouge was just down the road, I did however managed to get a picture from inside the car as we drove past.
We didn't get a chance to visit as many places as we did on Saturday, as it took a long time to get to and from Versaille, but still I have had an amazing time in Paris and I am looking forward to returning one day.
I had heard a lot of negative things before I had visited Paris, such things like its dirty, the people are rude, etc, but I don't think so, I mean I think London is far more 'dirty' than Paris and I didn't find the people rude, well apart from the scammers and the fact you have to keep an eye on your belongings due to pickpockets, does slightly let Paris down a bit but as long as your smart with your belongings and just ignore the scammers, all is ok.

PS I want to apologise if I have spelt or named any of the places incorrectly, I did learn French for a total of three years at school, however I can only just count to ten and say 'my name is.' 
Plus I can hardly spell English words correctly let alone French words, So yeah I'm sorry, I tried.

Have any of you been to Paris, if so what was your favourite place to visit?


  1. Paris!! These photos are stunning! I love this city so much!



  2. Wow. Paris is such a beautiful city. Sounds silly but I've never been :( x

    A Little Peep Into My Life

  3. That shot of the Eiffel Tower is absolutely stunning! I agree, I never felt like Paris was dirty and the only time I had an issue with any of the people was with the scammers. I think Sainte Chapelle was my favorite place to visit in Paris, it's just breathtaking inside! Glad you had a lovely time!


  4. Stunning pictures! I haven't been to Paris, only outside of it, and passed it on the way to Bruges. Really need to go sometime!



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