#TBT | The Falls Festival // Byron Bay

First I would like to applaud you guys who are reading this for managing to scroll through the picture overload, sorry for that. I just couldn't whittle them down, they all bring back such good memories. 

So festival season is approaching, I may be a little early but I just can't help but get excited, festivals are my favourite thing to do apart from travelling of course, although its strange because I have only ever been to one, the Falls Festival in Byron Bay, so I make it my mission to attend as many festivals as I can in the future, it sucks because a lot of my close group of friends aren't into festivals, hence why I haven't attended any in the past, but I am determined to go to as many as possible as soon as I come across a festival loving friend/s to attend with me.
I especially want to go to Glastonbury, Coachella and Tomorrowland, all are on my bucket list as well as many others and not just festivals, I want to try and attend more gigs this year. I'm trying currently to get my hands on James Bay tickets and also George Ezra, who I did get to see at the Falls Festival and was so amazing live that I would love to see him at his own gig. 

The Falls Festival was amazing btw, perfect way to spend new years eve and my last few weeks in Australia. Highlights where definitely George Ezra, Alt-J, Alison Wonderland, Milky Chance, and La Roux, oh and also Empire of the Sun and the Temper Trap, basically everyone I saw. I love seeing acts live, the atmosphere is amazing, especially being outdoors in the sunshine, although sometimes the heat was too much, the misting tent was a life saver.
I would also like to mention the ten minute disco, yep. The first thing I done in 2015 was go in the ten minute disco, to put it simply its a shipping container, that was converted in to a mini disco, in which you just danced for ten minutes, simply genius!!
Apart from the music, there was also the village, which was a small stage, where you could chill out on hay bails and watch local acts, we watched one act there a band from Byron Bay called potato potato, who I really enjoyed. I hope they make an album I would definitely buy it. 
 I enjoyed it so much, I literally sat there one day thinking to myself I could quite happily live at this festival for the rest of my life, then I remembered we where camping in basically an oven (tent) and the toilets where 'festival toilets'
But yeah, if you ever find yourself in Australia, you will more than likely come across future music festival and Stereostonic but you don't hear much about the Falls Festival, or I hadn't anyway but I highly recommend it. 

What festivals have you guys been too, or which like me are you wishing to attend in the future?


  1. This festivals looks so much fun - love the ten minute disco! I would recommend Glastonbury - I wasn't a festival person until my boyfriend made me go and now I go every year its on!
    Really nice post - deaf do more like this.
    Joey x

  2. Ah, a festival in Australia, YES PLEASE! I've never been to a proper festival but I've been to my fair share of gigs, currently waiting for my tickets for Ariana Grande to come through! I do love a gig and the atmosphere and I do want to go to so many more, it's just convincing friends or the boyf to come along with me! Lovely post and photos!

    Tabitha x | amour-tabitha.blogspot.co.uk x |


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