OOTD // Denim over checked

Primark jacket (similar) | Urban Outfitters shirt | H&M dress (similar) | Converse trainers | H&M fedora | Cotton On sunglasses

Same, same but different. Yes this outfit some what resembles my previous outfit post just minus the daisy's but added the check.
The weather is so unpredictable at the moment, so I have no idea how to dress, one moment its all happy days and sunshine to rainy days or crazy wind the next.
I thought I would bare the legs today and wear this super simple dress which I picked up from H&M a while back for something like £7.99. It was perfect in Australia as a beach cover up and its perfect to layer up like I have done with this outfit. I paired this dress with a checked shirt from Urban Outfitters, I love the fit of this shirt, its oversized but still flattering. To add a little warmth because its not overly that hot in England yet, I pulled out this Denim jacket. I have had this jacket for years, I have been on the hunt for a oversized Levis jacket to replace it but just haven't got round to purchasing one yet. It's on the wishlist. 
To finish off, of course the fedoras back and yes so are the converses, I love how both are so versatile and really do just go with every outfit.

How have you guys been layering up this spring?

The Benefit Bloggers Event

So yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited along to a Benefit contouring masterclass by the lovely Tayla, along with a few fellow bloggers Hannah, Dayna and Lauren and I must say they are a very lovely bunch.

Tayla and Kathleen the benefit babes taught us the ways of contouring which I must say I was in desperate need off, my idea of contouring was sweeping some bronzer underneath my cheekbone on my temples and sometimes on the sides of my nose and from what I learnt yesterday, I was definitely taking the quick way out but certainly not the most effective.

Before we started with the contouring we prepped our face, to begin serum. No word of a lie, first time even using a serum, who knew they where so important. Tayla informed us that the serum pulls the moisturiser into the skin, whereas without it the moisturiser just sits on top of the skin, after applying both the 'instant comeback serum' and the 'triple performing' moisturiser, then came the 'its potent! eye cream' to brighten and fade those pesky dark circles. 
Then we got to test out a new product which is launching this Saturday 'the POREfessional: license to blot' which is a oil-blotting stick that can be used underneath or over make-up, I used this on my forehead as this is where I tend to get oily skin, perfect product to mattify the skin in those problem areas. 
The last product we applied before moving onto foundation was the 'POREfessional face primer' another product I'm guilty of not using, however after today I think I might have been convinced, the porefessional face primer is the silkiest, smoothest product I have ever had the pleasure of applying to my face, it helps minimise pores and fine lines and creates the most amazing smooth base.
Now its time for foundation, we used the 'hello flawless' foundation. It is a light coverage but can be built on to create a medium coverage, I really loved this foundation and am considering adding it to my collection and maybe even incorporating it into my everyday make-up regime, yes I was that impressed. To set the foundation I used the 'hello flawless powder' a really nice silky powder, can be used over foundation or on its own for a more natural look.

Phew! That's a whole lot of products mentioned and we haven't even got to the contouring. Well congratulations if you are still reading, we have finally reached the nitty gritty.
You don't necessarily need to purchase a contouring kit to create the look, We used the darkest shade of 'boi-ing' to create lines where we wanted to create a shadow effect and a lighter shade of 'boi-ing' mixed with 'girl meets pearl' to highlight using a sponge to blend, once all was blended which took quite sometime, but completely worth the effort, my face has never looked so defined. Anyway once all blended in and to finish off we used one of my favourite bronzers 'hoola' and one of my new favourites and definitely now on my wishlist 'rockateur' (such a gorgeous blush!)

And where done, I had such a lovely time, was really nice to get to try out all the different products, definitely have my eye on a few products now and most of all it was so lovely to meet some other bloggers and attend my first ever blogger event. 
If you are ever in Exeter and you find yourself in House of Fraser, swing by the Benefit counter and say hello to Tayla and Kathleen, they are really helpful and so lovely too.
Plus a big thank you to Benefit and Tayla for inviting me along to this event and for the lovely gift bag, I can now have a play around with some samples and probably add too my already way too long benefit wishlist.

Whats your favourite product or products from Benefit?

OOTD // The Daisy Dress

Primark jacket (Similar) | AX Paris dress | Converse shoes | Rayban sunglasses

I braved the weather today and stepped out in bare legs for the first time in a a long time. I rarely wear dresses or skirts, I guess I'm not much of a 'girly' dresser but then saying this, I picked up this dress ages ago to take to Australia with me and I surprised myself with how much I ended up wearing it, but then again this could be due to the fact I had to limit myself with the amount of clothes I had due to having to fit them all into a small backpack. 

I like how easy this dress is to wear though and how you can easily dress it either up or down. Today I went for a more casual approach by pairing the dress with my converses and to add even more black to my already black based outfit, I chucked on this long duster coat which I picked up in Primark for around £20. Not going to lie I was going to add my black fedora which I think would have really finished off the outfit but I feel like I need to step away from hats for the moment before I become too obsessed.

OOTD // The Boyfriend Jean

All Saints jacket | F&F jumper | BooHoo jeans (Similar) | Dorothy Perkins boots | H&M fedora | River Island sunglasses

I think these jeans have quite possibly found their way into my top spot and yes this means you are probably going to be seeing them pop up a lot on Unfashionable Sundays. I have been looking for the perfect boyfriend style jeans for a while but none seemed to tear me away from my beloved skinny fit jeans until I ordered these BooHoo beauty's and on my first day wearing them, I have already had someone tell me that I have a rip in my jeans, has anyone else experienced this?!
I always find it such an awkward joke, like yes funnily enough I did notice my jeans have rips in them, yes I did buy them like this and yes they really are meant to look this this.

Anyway, whats your favourite style of jeans at the moment?

The Review | Magnitone Lucid

So you may or may not have seen this little beauty pop up on several blogs recently, I among others was lucky enough to receive the Magnitone Lucid to review. The Magnitone Lucid is a daily cleansing and exfoliation brush, in which they promise softer, brighter, smoother and clearer skin in just 7 days.

The idea behind the Magnitone lucid is to dislodge blackheads and whisk away dead skin cells, by using gentle sonic vibrations.
The Lucid brush has two modes, both deep clean and a sensitive setting. It also has a cleansing timer, which beeps after 20 seconds. Magnitone recommend, 20 seconds starting with your forehead and brow, 10 seconds on each cheek and 20 seconds on the nose and chin and around the mouth. After 1 minute your Lucid with automatically switch off. I found the cleansing timer / beep super helpful because I seem to go off into a daydream more often than not and I can easily spend 20 minutes cleaning one cheek and 30 seconds on another, this way I can keep track of the amount of time spent on each section.
Another great thing I liked about the Lucid is that its completely waterproof, the charger is wireless and attaches at the bottom of the handle magnetically, pretty cool and each charge is suppose to last 2 weeks even better. With the Lucid being completely waterproof, if like me you want longer in bed in the mornings, you can just take the lucid in the shower with you and save that all important extra 5 minutes in bed. 

So on to the nitty, gritty. Did the Magnitone Lucid work for me?
To begin with I used the Lucid on the sensitive mode of the first three days just to let my skin get use to the brush. After this I continued using the Lucid with the deep cleanse mode.
On the third day I noticed a few spots appearing around my mouth, but although this sounds bad, its actually a good thing as this means the brush is slowly bringing up deep-rooted oily impurities from your pores to your skin. My main areas I wanted to hopefully notice a difference with where my nose and my forehead. I'm quite lucky as my skin is fairly clear but I do on the occasion get a collection of small spots on my forehead and I suffer from large pores on my nose.
Already by day 5 I had noticed, my skin was clearing up, it also looked brighter and fresher. I will definitely be incorporating the Magnitone Lucid into my everyday cleansing routine. 

Overall, I love this product and I highly recommend purchasing the Magnitone Lucid brush, its made cleansing my face and my routine easier, quicker and so much more efficient, I have also seen such a difference in my skin in just 7 days, so I'm excited to see the difference with extended use.

Also before I forget, the lovely people at Magnitone have given me a discount code to share with you guys, so if you are interested in trying one you can get 20% off by using the code Kerry20

What are your thoughts on the Magnitone Lucid? Have you tried it yet? Let me know! 

OOTD // Neutral Tones & Leather Joggers

H&M fedora | H&M jumper | H&M trousers | Dotti sandals (similar) | RayBan sunglasses

I'm really enjoying pairing neutral tones with black at the moment and playing around with different textures. Although the sun is starting to make an appearance, I still can't seem to say goodbye to my jumpers just yet. This H&M jumper is the perfect spring transition piece with it being fairly lightweight, though I will say it bobbles like crazy which is such a shame. 

Another H&M item, these amazing faux leather joggers. I remember spotting some from Topshop ages ago but they where 100 something pounds and I just couldn't justify spending that much not knowing how often I would actually wear them but then, then I spot these beauties in H&M for a much more reasonable price of £24.99. I'm forever reaching for my black skinny jeans, so its so refreshing to pop these on and add something a little bit different to an outfit.

To finish off today's outfit, I added my trusty fedora, some chunky sandals and my round RayBans! 

Trying to find the perfect false lashes

Red Cherry #WSP | Duo D12 | Ardell wispies | Eylure No 120

So, I have been on the hunt of the perfect wispy, spidery lashes that aren't to dramatic for daytime use for quite sometime now and I haven't had any luck so far but I may have made a few purchases on falseeyelashes.co.uk, so being a blogger I thought why not blog about them. Ok I know, two of them aren't so suitable for daytime use but they looked interesting so I just went ahead, you can't have to many false eyelashes, am I right?! Anyway I tried them all on to show you guys, so lets see if I have finally found the perfect wispy, spidery lash shall we.

Red Cherry #WSP
The red cherry #WSP where the lashes in which I was most excited in trying, I have heard a lot of good things regarding the red cherry lashes, although they where nice to apply and the fact they had an invisible band so you are free to wear them without eyeliner for a more natural look, there was something about them that didn't have me convinced. I think because I have naturally long lashes anyway they didn't really stand out quite as much as I would like but then saying this, I haven't tried them with a coat of mascara, so maybe that's my answer.

Duo D12
I love how dramatic these lashes are, although I probably wouldn't wear them during the day they are perfect for a more dramatic look in the evening. Though I will say these where super tricky to put on, I don't know if it was just me but they certainly didn't seem to go on with ease like the others, the strip didn't curve along the lash line and just wanted to lay straight but I think with a bit more patience, time and practice you would get use to them and well I guess its a small price to pay for such lovely lashes.

Ardell Wispies
The Ardell wispies where probably my least favourite of the four, first of all I nearly broke them trying to remove them from the packaging, They are glued on so well its hard to remove them without yanking at them and because again like the red cherry #wsp they also have the invisible strip for a more natural look, it makes them more fragile and certainly easier to ruin when yanked at. Like I said I have naturally long eyelashes anyway so with a bit of mascara I can near enough create the same look, so the Ardell wispies don't personally do much for me but if your looking for length but with a more natural look then definitely give these a try, just be careful when taking them out of their packaging.

Eylure No 120
I didn't think I would like spikey lashes but after seeing a friend in a similar style I wanted to give them a try, I actually quite like the style of these Eylure lashes, although if I where to wear them out I would have to put them with some liner as these unlike the Ardell and Red Cherry lashes don't have an invisible strip. These Eylure lashes where by far the easiest to apply and I want to say its down to the way they are secured when packed. When removing them, I'm not disturbing the curve which makes them a lot easier to apply as I'm not having to reshape them from where I have pulled at them, hopefully that makes some sort of sense. I have never been the best at explaining myself. 

So overall, I guess didn't find the perfect wispy / spidery pair of lashes that I was after but I have found two new dramatic eyelashes for evening looks. So not all bad news.
Let me know your favourite out of the four, or maybe you have a go to pair of false lashes? Oh and if you want to help a girl out in her search for the perfect wispy / spidery daytime lashes, please tell me your secret.

OOTD // Leather, Knits & Rips

All Saints jacket | H&M knit top | Topshop jeans | Vans old skool | Ray Ban sunglasses | H&M fedora

I love this leather jacket from All Saints, in fact I love all the leather jackets in there collection, No in fact I just love all of All Saints, there I said it. I'm a fan. I was in their store for way longer than the average shopper should be, I literally tried on every jacket I laid eyes on and it really didn't help that they all fitted so well and all looked so god dam pretty on. It was a hard decision but I got there in the end, and came home the proud owner of this beautiful jacket. Admittedly though if my bank balance could suffice I probably would have purchased the entire store.

What store are you guys loving at the moment?!

3 ways to keep your wardrobe decluttered

              Image via pinterest

If you follow me on twitter you may have already seen me tweet about this, It was a sad day last week when I finally came to realise I own way too many clothes, the final push into making me declutter my wardrobe came when my clothes rack collapsed. So since then I have been donating, selling and asking myself when even was the last time I wore this? In a bid to down size my wardrobe and believe me having to declutter this amount of clothing is not at all a fun task. I have convinced myself that I will keep my wardrobe clutter free and organised from now on and to do so I am going to use these methods to help me...

The one in, one out method
I'm not too sure how well I would personally stick to this method as you have to be strict with yourself, but it certainly helps to keep your wardrobe at a sensible size. After going though a major declutter, one way to keep your wardrobe manageable is by replacing any new purchases with an item from your wardrobe and no I'm not saying purchasing that amazing new trench coat and ditching a pair of socks counts, for best results replace your new purchases with similar items.

The backward hanger trick
This is a super easy way to determine what you aren't wearing, start by flipping all your hangers with the opening pointing towards you. As you wear something place it back into your wardrobe 'normally' with the hanger opening pointing away from you. After a period of time you will notice certain items of clothing in which you aren't wearing. 
Although they may look pretty on the hanger, they are taking up valuable place in your wardrobe, so when it comes to that next declutter either recycle, donate or sell.

The I can only buy with what I sell 
When it comes to saving I have to be strict with my money as you may or may not know I am currently saving to travel America for a couple months. Clothes, clothes are my biggest downfall when it comes to saving, So I came up with this method which I guess you could say is similar to the one in, one out method but instead you can only purchase new clothing with the money you earn by selling items from your wardrobe. Meaning any money you earn from your job can be put aside and into your savings. 
I'm fully aware you wouldn't be able to keep this up all the time, as the money you earn selling your clothes is never going to be enough to keep purchasing new items that you may or may not need but for that short period of time when your saving for a holiday, car, etc it seems like a win, win situation as you are still saving your pay packets, decluttering your wardrobe of clothes you no longer wear and getting to purchase new ones without dipping into your savings! 

Let me know in the comments if you guys have any good tips on keeping your wardrobe decluttered.
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