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So you may or may not have seen this little beauty pop up on several blogs recently, I among others was lucky enough to receive the Magnitone Lucid to review. The Magnitone Lucid is a daily cleansing and exfoliation brush, in which they promise softer, brighter, smoother and clearer skin in just 7 days.

The idea behind the Magnitone lucid is to dislodge blackheads and whisk away dead skin cells, by using gentle sonic vibrations.
The Lucid brush has two modes, both deep clean and a sensitive setting. It also has a cleansing timer, which beeps after 20 seconds. Magnitone recommend, 20 seconds starting with your forehead and brow, 10 seconds on each cheek and 20 seconds on the nose and chin and around the mouth. After 1 minute your Lucid with automatically switch off. I found the cleansing timer / beep super helpful because I seem to go off into a daydream more often than not and I can easily spend 20 minutes cleaning one cheek and 30 seconds on another, this way I can keep track of the amount of time spent on each section.
Another great thing I liked about the Lucid is that its completely waterproof, the charger is wireless and attaches at the bottom of the handle magnetically, pretty cool and each charge is suppose to last 2 weeks even better. With the Lucid being completely waterproof, if like me you want longer in bed in the mornings, you can just take the lucid in the shower with you and save that all important extra 5 minutes in bed. 

So on to the nitty, gritty. Did the Magnitone Lucid work for me?
To begin with I used the Lucid on the sensitive mode of the first three days just to let my skin get use to the brush. After this I continued using the Lucid with the deep cleanse mode.
On the third day I noticed a few spots appearing around my mouth, but although this sounds bad, its actually a good thing as this means the brush is slowly bringing up deep-rooted oily impurities from your pores to your skin. My main areas I wanted to hopefully notice a difference with where my nose and my forehead. I'm quite lucky as my skin is fairly clear but I do on the occasion get a collection of small spots on my forehead and I suffer from large pores on my nose.
Already by day 5 I had noticed, my skin was clearing up, it also looked brighter and fresher. I will definitely be incorporating the Magnitone Lucid into my everyday cleansing routine. 

Overall, I love this product and I highly recommend purchasing the Magnitone Lucid brush, its made cleansing my face and my routine easier, quicker and so much more efficient, I have also seen such a difference in my skin in just 7 days, so I'm excited to see the difference with extended use.

Also before I forget, the lovely people at Magnitone have given me a discount code to share with you guys, so if you are interested in trying one you can get 20% off by using the code Kerry20

What are your thoughts on the Magnitone Lucid? Have you tried it yet? Let me know! 

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