Trying to find the perfect false lashes

Red Cherry #WSP | Duo D12 | Ardell wispies | Eylure No 120

So, I have been on the hunt of the perfect wispy, spidery lashes that aren't to dramatic for daytime use for quite sometime now and I haven't had any luck so far but I may have made a few purchases on, so being a blogger I thought why not blog about them. Ok I know, two of them aren't so suitable for daytime use but they looked interesting so I just went ahead, you can't have to many false eyelashes, am I right?! Anyway I tried them all on to show you guys, so lets see if I have finally found the perfect wispy, spidery lash shall we.

Red Cherry #WSP
The red cherry #WSP where the lashes in which I was most excited in trying, I have heard a lot of good things regarding the red cherry lashes, although they where nice to apply and the fact they had an invisible band so you are free to wear them without eyeliner for a more natural look, there was something about them that didn't have me convinced. I think because I have naturally long lashes anyway they didn't really stand out quite as much as I would like but then saying this, I haven't tried them with a coat of mascara, so maybe that's my answer.

Duo D12
I love how dramatic these lashes are, although I probably wouldn't wear them during the day they are perfect for a more dramatic look in the evening. Though I will say these where super tricky to put on, I don't know if it was just me but they certainly didn't seem to go on with ease like the others, the strip didn't curve along the lash line and just wanted to lay straight but I think with a bit more patience, time and practice you would get use to them and well I guess its a small price to pay for such lovely lashes.

Ardell Wispies
The Ardell wispies where probably my least favourite of the four, first of all I nearly broke them trying to remove them from the packaging, They are glued on so well its hard to remove them without yanking at them and because again like the red cherry #wsp they also have the invisible strip for a more natural look, it makes them more fragile and certainly easier to ruin when yanked at. Like I said I have naturally long eyelashes anyway so with a bit of mascara I can near enough create the same look, so the Ardell wispies don't personally do much for me but if your looking for length but with a more natural look then definitely give these a try, just be careful when taking them out of their packaging.

Eylure No 120
I didn't think I would like spikey lashes but after seeing a friend in a similar style I wanted to give them a try, I actually quite like the style of these Eylure lashes, although if I where to wear them out I would have to put them with some liner as these unlike the Ardell and Red Cherry lashes don't have an invisible strip. These Eylure lashes where by far the easiest to apply and I want to say its down to the way they are secured when packed. When removing them, I'm not disturbing the curve which makes them a lot easier to apply as I'm not having to reshape them from where I have pulled at them, hopefully that makes some sort of sense. I have never been the best at explaining myself. 

So overall, I guess didn't find the perfect wispy / spidery pair of lashes that I was after but I have found two new dramatic eyelashes for evening looks. So not all bad news.
Let me know your favourite out of the four, or maybe you have a go to pair of false lashes? Oh and if you want to help a girl out in her search for the perfect wispy / spidery daytime lashes, please tell me your secret.


  1. I think the Duo D12 are probably my favourite, followed by the Red Cherry...though I'm no false lash connoisseur to say the least. I wish you luck on your search for the perfect wispy/spidery pair of lashes! :-)

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. Great post, I think my favourite are the Duo D12!

  3. ardell looks more natural i think, duo eyelashes are good too!
    The Color Palette

  4. I've been searching for the 'perfect' falsies for a while now too! I'd heard such good things about Ardell, so it's interesting to see that you weren't as sure about them. I really quite like the look of the Cherry lashes so I might have a look at them :)


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