OOTD // Band Tee

Urban Outfitters tee | River Island trousers | Bay shirt (similar) | Peacocks sandals | Ray Ban sunglasses | Peacocks fedora

I actually shot this look a couple days ago (look at me being all organised for once) 
I was having a don't know what to wear day and on those days I like to just stick with what I know, which is black skinny jeans and a plain t-shirt, though to add a little bit of excitement to a quite basic outfit, I swapped the skinny jeans for leather look skinnies, these ones are from River Island and I have literally wore them to death. I really need to find a new pair but none have come close to these, they just fit so well and the material is just perfect. 
I found this Joy Division tee on Depop but its originally from Urban Outfitters, I don't usually wear t-shirts that have slogans or writing on them but I made an exception for Joy Division and there Unknown Pleasures artwork, I paired the tee with this silk blouse which I have previously featured on my blog, along with.. Yep you guessed it a fedora. 

Also before I go, I noticed today, that I have been blogging for 6 months now. Half a year already, its gone by so quickly and the fact that its August tomorrow as well, I mean.. what? Where is this year disappearing to. Anyone else feel the same?


  1. Love this outfit! The trousers are fab, and I reallllly like those Joy Division tops, the Unknown Pleasures artwork makes an ace tee design


    Fii | little miss fii

  2. I adore everything about this outfit! I really wish I could pull of a Fedora hat as well as you. Oh and I do feel the same, where HAS this year gone?! xx


  3. You are killing it in this, love every look!

    lillies and lipbalm


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