A Lush Christmas

Its christmas time, how could I not take a trip to Lush, todays a quick peek at what I picked up from the Lush Christmas range, which by the way is amazing as always. I had to restrain myself from going overboard and I done quite well, with only 5 things, which are...

How could I not pick this bubble bar up, I mean it has a jingle bell attached to it. Plus the scent of cinnamon is just really Christmassy (If thats even a word?!)

Peeping Santa
How could I go in to Lush to shop their Christmas range and not come out with a Santa, and how cute is this Peeping Santa bubble bar. Also the Candy Mountain one similar to this looks and smells incredible too 

Snow Fairy
Need I say no more... I just had to, who wouldn't want a candy-floss scented shower gel with a bit of sparkle, probably quite a few people but its a must in my eyes. 

I love the Butterball bath bomb, so this little guy was a must for me, I love the vanilla scent and the cocoa butter literally leaves your skin feeling so incredibly soft afterwards.

Luxury Lush Pud
The Luxury Lush Pud has this amazing lavender scent to it, Lush believes this bath bomb is perfect for banishing tension and aiding relaxation, which will be perfect for me, because as you may know I work in retail, and when retail meets Christmas its hectic. So I'm looking forward to popping this one in my bath and chilling out.

And that's all that I picked up for the Christmas Lush range, I'm not going to lie there was plenty more I wanted to try out, so I may or may not end up in there again before Christmas is over. I just cant help myself. Who else has tried any of the Christmas Lush range?


  1. All Lush products are so cute! Such a shame I have only shower now. Have a lovely Saturday evening, Iga from www.igaberry.com x

  2. I am loving these photos! So Festive! The Magic Of Christmas looks amazing, I have been dying to pick this one up for a while! Xx



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