Missguided jacket | River Island dress | DIY crop top | Public Desire shoes | Missguided bag | Primark pom pom | Saint glasses | H&M fedora

I finally bit the bullet (no pun intended) and got myself a camo jacket, I found this one on Missguided, I liked how its slightly faded and its not over done with any extras like studs or badges etc. I paired it today with this denim dress from River Island, you know got to let the legs have their last day out in the sun because lets face it living in England, they won't be out for the next six months, maybe even longer than that. Oh winter I love you really, sort of not as much as summer or spring, or autumn but your a solid fourth out of all the seasons..
Also, you can't really see it in the photos, but I made another crop top out of a pair of tights, I did a blog post about it way back at the very beginning, check it out here.

Let me know in the comments your favourite season?


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It took me days to finish this post, I kept stopping and starting, deleting and re-writing.. Not because I wanted it to be perfect because once I pressed publish, once I share my story for anyone and everyone to see.. I would be finally admitting to myself that I had, that I have Anxiety.

Lets start of by saying because believe it or not I thought this myself.. Yes I am yet another blogger who suffers from Anxiety. I get it, it seems like every blogger and their cat these days suffers from Anxiety and for that reason alone I held off from wanting to even publish this post.. but I have been learning a lot recently about myself and about my Anxiety and I want this blog to be completely personal to me, yeah I may look happy in my day to day life, my twitter may be me being the sarcastic human being that I am but in all honesty there are days where I don't even want to talk to anyone, getting out of bed and dressing myself seems like a struggle, days where I worry so much I get myself in such a state that I send myself in to a panic attack. 

I still don't really have any f*cking idea what Anxiety is, but I really want to share my side of my story, not only for other people that may suffer from Anxiety and not only for you guys to get to know another side of me but I wanted to also write this for me.. I don't know I feel like I'm finally coming to terms with my situation now, I was in denial for a long time, although I had been to the doctors on so many occasions and I have fully been diagnosed with Anxiety, I still couldn't get my head around it. I convinced myself that I was just using it as an excuse, a way to get me out of situations that made me feel uncomfortable, which actually probably made my Anxiety a whole lot worse.

I was so confused when it first hit me, I had no idea what was going on, I was in and out of the doctors, taking bloods and constantly repeating myself over and over to be told maybe its just a 'blip' in my life. I couldn't even face work at this point, I was unable to watch a customer walk through the door without having a panic attack.. and still to this day I don't know why it started, what caused it.. it just happened. I ended up being signed off work for 6 weeks, 6 weeks where I just sat in my room or in the garden thinking and of course worrying about what was happening to me. Was I depressed? Did I have an illness?
 I eventually got diagnosed with Anxiety and told I should go see a therapist.. For a while I got 'better' I think just having something to call what was going on with me was enough to settle me down for a while.

On a bad day.. my mind can completely be overruled by my thoughts, its like I'm having a battle with myself in my head. I know whatever it may be that I'm worrying about is minor and that I'm just over thinking it, but I can't stop myself. Its a vicious spiral, you over think, you worry, you over think some more, before you know it you can't breathe, you can't stop shaking or crying, your scratching your hand till its raw.. all the while your 'normal self' is in the back of your head, saying to yourself what are you doing?! Stop being an idiot, calm yourself down. Its hard to explain the feeling, I know some of you out there may be able to relate, but all I know is that its tiring, it makes me feel dare i say it crazy. Although I have more good days then bad these days, I know it will probably never just disappear,  I don't know whether its always been in my personality, I mean I have always been a bit of a worrier but not to this extent or maybe its due to personal events that have happened in my life, who knows.. All I know is that its real and it affects more and more people everyday, in different ways, caused by different situations.

I don't really know what my point to this post is, I guess I just wanted to say not only to others but to myself also that its ok to have Anxiety, its not a weakness, it just means you care to much and that certainly isn't a bad thing, well not in my eyes.. Back when I didn't have Anxiety, I didn't really know much about it, if anything at all, as bad as it sounds yes I was one of those people who just chucked it under the same umbrella as depression and other mental health issues by doing this, I couldn't really relate to people who suffer from Anxiety, I couldn't help them, calm them down if they where having a panic attack, I had no idea. Its been a long road for me and my Anxiety, and I guess its not going to be a smooth one to the finish either.. but without it I wouldn't be who I am today.. 


All Saints jacket | New Look top | River Island jeans | Topshop boots | Urban Outfitters sunglasses | H&M fedora | Missguided bag

I love how there is now a slight chill in the air but its still sunny.. Hello Autumn!
Although I'm very much a summer lover, I do prefer A/W style, I mean this jumper from New Look has got to be my favourite purchase so far, I love the colour combination the burgundy with the small pink stripe detail with the black, the high neck, the crop, just everything and to top it off I think it was only £20 maybe.
I paired it today with my Mom jeans from River Island, I love the fit of these jeans, I struggle a bit with baggy style jeans because I have stick legs, sometimes the baggy style is actually just baggy, if that makes sense, but these River ones fit perfectly, I noticed they do them in black as well and I'm almost certain that will be my next purchase.

Let me know in the comments, whats your favourite thing about Autumn?


H&M jumper | H&M trousers | Missguided bag | Lamoda (different colour) sunglasses | H&M fedora | Adidas trainers

Your going to realise pretty quickly that Im loving H&M recently, everything I seem to be purchasing and posting is nine times out of ten from H&M. They always seem to just nail A/W style. I literally have this jumper in both the grey and the pink and no joke I had to stop myself from purchasing the green one too, best thing about it, its oversized, its cosy and its only £15.
These trousers, also H&M.. Amazing right?! I love the zip detail at the bottom, you can have them flared like I have done or you can do them up. I don't know I feel like this outfits a very kind of LFW vibe.

Let me know in the comments, what did you or would you of worn to LFW?


H&M jumper | H&M skirt | H&M bag | Accessorize bag strap | River Island sunglasses | H&M fedora | Converse trainers 

First of all please let me know if you think this jumper is red or orange?! Now I'm pretty certain its red but everyone else seems to think its orange and now after seeing these photos, I'm starting to doubt myself, but saying this H&M seem to think its red too..  Oh do you know what this is starting to sound like that blue/black or white/gold dress situation all over again isn't it, I'm just going to stop there.. 
Anyway pretty different styling today.. I hardly ever if at all wear skirts and I rarely wear colour.. so your getting a treat on Broke Ivy today.
I guess I just fancied a change, step out of my comfort zone abit, have a little play around before the colder weather starts and all you will see me in is jumpers, jackets and anything and everything burgundy coloured. 

Also a quick little mention, this bag strap I picked up from Accessorize kind of reminds me of Gucci, just navy and red instead of green and red and a probably more than half the price of one of their bags, but yeah anyway, its completely helped me re-vamp my bag, I feel like by just changing the strap it has added a little bit more character to my outfit.

Please let me know your thoughts on my outfit in the comments, and let me know is it red or orange?


River Island bomber jacket / H&M top / Boohoo jeans / Topshop boots / Next bag / New Look neckerchief / Accessorize fedora / Ray-Ban sunglasses

Continuing on with my latest obsession, anything and everything pink and another new addition to my ridiculous bomber jacket collection, this ah-mazing satin blush pink number from River.. I mean completely useless when it rains which is nearly all the time in England but, how could I not right?

 My Boohoo boyfriend jeans are making a comeback today, I don't think I will never not love these jeans, even though they are getting more and more ripped by the minute, if you followed me before I went on a massive blogging break you would have seen me style these jeans before in this post here.

Let me know in the comments, whats your latest obsession?


River Island hat | Primark jacket | H&M shirt | Calvin Klein bra | H&M skirt | Adidas trainers | Topshop backpack | Topshop velvet choker | Dixi chain choker

I have such  diverse range of styles, today's style is kind of sports luxe with more sport than luxe. I found this gem of a bomber jacket in Primark, its slightly longline and its navy but its got this amazing mink sort of blush pink lining, it honestly looks way more than its worth, which is £20 btw, I mean how could I not pick it up when its only £20.
If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen me mention about my recent obsession with pink, yeah that's still happening, hence the River Island cap and my Calvins, I feel like they add a bit of girl too an already quite tomboyish outfit though, so its alright.

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on sports luxe?

Back To The Start

Primark dress | H&M bag | Adidas trainers | Urban Outfitters sunglasses | Accessorize (similar) fedora

I'm back again, and it certainly has been awhile, a very long while. I feel like I owe you guys a huge explanation for my overdue absence but I think I'm going to save that for another post.
Today I'm just going to focus on this insane dress I picked up from Primark, anything knitted, striped, grey or burgundy and I'm sold especially when its only costing me twelve pounds. I decided to keep the look casual by adding trainers but you could easily add heels and take this look from day-to-night. 
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