River Island hat | Primark jacket | H&M shirt | Calvin Klein bra | H&M skirt | Adidas trainers | Topshop backpack | Topshop velvet choker | Dixi chain choker

I have such  diverse range of styles, today's style is kind of sports luxe with more sport than luxe. I found this gem of a bomber jacket in Primark, its slightly longline and its navy but its got this amazing mink sort of blush pink lining, it honestly looks way more than its worth, which is £20 btw, I mean how could I not pick it up when its only £20.
If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen me mention about my recent obsession with pink, yeah that's still happening, hence the River Island cap and my Calvins, I feel like they add a bit of girl too an already quite tomboyish outfit though, so its alright.

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on sports luxe?


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