H&M jumper | H&M skirt | H&M bag | Accessorize bag strap | River Island sunglasses | H&M fedora | Converse trainers 

First of all please let me know if you think this jumper is red or orange?! Now I'm pretty certain its red but everyone else seems to think its orange and now after seeing these photos, I'm starting to doubt myself, but saying this H&M seem to think its red too..  Oh do you know what this is starting to sound like that blue/black or white/gold dress situation all over again isn't it, I'm just going to stop there.. 
Anyway pretty different styling today.. I hardly ever if at all wear skirts and I rarely wear colour.. so your getting a treat on Broke Ivy today.
I guess I just fancied a change, step out of my comfort zone abit, have a little play around before the colder weather starts and all you will see me in is jumpers, jackets and anything and everything burgundy coloured. 

Also a quick little mention, this bag strap I picked up from Accessorize kind of reminds me of Gucci, just navy and red instead of green and red and a probably more than half the price of one of their bags, but yeah anyway, its completely helped me re-vamp my bag, I feel like by just changing the strap it has added a little bit more character to my outfit.

Please let me know your thoughts on my outfit in the comments, and let me know is it red or orange?


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