I can't tell you how long I have been waiting to go to New York and although my visit was a very short but sweet one, I still managed to fall in love with the City.
I only had one day to spend in the big apple and me being me was determined to see it all and here's how I did it, well most of it.

We actually arrived at around 6pm in New York the evening before our one day adventure, which was  around midnight back at home, cue the jet lag although for once in my life, my jet lag actually done me a favour.. because of the time difference and all the travelling, I ended up falling asleep super early and waking up even earlier, meaning I could really make the most out of my one and only day in New York.

Visit the Empire state building - 8.30am
We started our day off at the Empire State building, our hotel ended up being only a few blocks away, so about 20minutes walking in the downtown direction and we where there, getting there this early gives you the added bonus of it not being crazy busy, meaning we could fully enjoy the view from the 86th floor, however be warned it is extremely windy up there, or at least it was whilst I was there but its worth it for the 360 degree birds eye view of New York.

Water taxi to the 9/11 memorial - 11am
From the Empire State building, we made our way to the Hudson river, where we caught a water taxi to the 9/11 memorial, the added bonus of catching the water taxi here, is the view of New York's skyline as you make your way down the river. 
If your by the memorial, and you want to tick another spot off your New York things to see and do list, your not too far from Wall St, you can either walk or hop back on the same water taxi. We skipped this part, as someone (maybe, might of been me) was to eager to see the queen of New York.. which brings us too..

Water taxi to the Statue of Liberty - 2pm 
We got back on the same water taxi and stayed on till we reached the Statue of Liberty, the water taxi gets you as close as they can, and does a little spin so everyone on the boat can get a good glimpse of the famous statue.

Walk to Time Square and do some shopping - 3.30pm
We done a full circuit on the water taxi and got off back where we originally got on, so we could make our way to Times Square, after doing a detour and grabbing some lunch in the Broadway area, we found ourselves finally in the middle of Times square, where we of course wasted a few hours shopping.

A quick look at Grand Central Station - 7pm
Ok, so this ones not really a major sight seeing spot, but it was on-route back to our hotel anyway, so we thought why not have a little look around, still pretty impressive compared to my local train station, lets be fair. 

A stroll around Central Park - 7.30am
So we had a little time in the morning before we was due to head to the Caribbean, so we took a walk uptown to Central Park and had an early morning stroll before breakfast, but if you really only had one full day in New York, it is possible to spend less time eating and shopping like we did and squeeze it in before or after Times Square, as its not actually that far away.

Its funny to think most days I've barely been able to achieve getting dressed and out of my PJ's before 2 in the afternoon, yet in New York, I managed to see most of its highlights in the same amount of time. It was safe to say though my legs where not ok the next day due to the excessive amount of walking achieved but I would do it all over again, I absolutely fell in love with New York, funny because I really didn't think I would as I'm not or at least I never thought I was a big city kind of girl, but New York you won me over. 
It was so easy to get around on foot, the numbered streets and block system is the best invention ever, and there is plenty to see and do to keep you busy and entertained, just try and avoid getting a photo with Elmo in Times Square.

Hopefully this post may help some of you out with your future trips to New York, if your not yet planning a trip to New York, I highly recommend, and who knows maybe this post has inspired you to go.
Let me know in the comments if you have been to New York before and if so whats your favourite part, or let me know where you recommend that I visit next? 

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